It’s a parent’s nature to ensure that the safety and comfort of their child comes first, especially during a child’s infancy and toddler stage. Ensuring these things is a difficult job that requires much energy, care and effort, not to mention funds.

Koopers was created to help parents with just that.

Koopers brings parenting products through collaboration with reputable brand owners and makers from all over the world, known for their utmost innovation, quality and safety products for infants and toddlers. With our vision together, we aim to help parents fulfill the requirements of parenting with ease and comfort.

Each product is carefully selected and tested to guarantee quality, safety, practicality and still maintain stylish. The best products are what children need and deserve, we care as for they are the future.



Koopers aims to provide the highest quality products to ensure your child remains safe


At Koopers we think that comfort is not a luxury but a must. Our products look good and feel good too


Our products are affordable, sturdy and elegant